1. Do the evolution – Pearl Jam

“Admire me, admire my home / Admire my son, he’s my clone / Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah / This land is mine, / this land is free / I’ll do what I want but irresponsibly / It’s evolution, baby”

2. ONE – U2


” You say love is a temple, love a higher law/ Love is a temple, love the higher law./ You ask me to enter, but then you make me crawl /And I can’t be holding on to what you got, when all you got is hurt.”

3. Where is the love? – Black Eyed Peas

” People killing people dying / Children hurtin you hear them crying / Can you practice what you preach / Would you turn the other cheek? / Father Father Father help us / Send some guidance from above / Cause people got me got me questioning / Where is the love?”

4. Imagine – Versão A Perfect Circle

“Imagine no possessions / I wonder if you can / No need for greed or hunger / A brotherhood of man / Imagine all the people / Sharing all the world”

o mundo tá feio, né?

e pode ficar bem pior.

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